Help, My Dog Jumps on My Guests!


Clients often come to us with behavioral problems like barking out the window or jumping on guests. And they’re often surprised when we recommend a basic obedience trainingThey ask, “How will teaching “sit” fix this?”

First of all, basic training establishes simple cues like Sit, Down, Leave It, Come Here, and Place (going to his bed and staying there). These cues can easily be used to solve a myriad of behavioral issues with house manners. For example:

  • The doorbell rings and your dog gets very excited. You ask him to Place, and he sits calmly, across the room, while you answer the door and invite your guests inside. He does not leave his bed until you close the door, get everyone settled in, then release him from the cue.
  • Guests try to greet your dog and he tries to jump on them. You ask him to Sit, and he plants his bottom down and politely receives petting and greeting from your house guest. He gets up again when you release him from the cue.
  • You drop a piece of food on the ground while cooking. You ask your dog to Leave It, and he walks away. He does not try again to eat it.

Secondly, basic obedience lays a strong foundation for all training, including behavioral issues. It establishes an understanding between you and your dog that:

  1. You will communicate clearly to him what you’d like him to do
  2. He will derive greater happiness (rewards) following your requests than his own desires

What this means is: Your dog will understand what you ask and will follow the cue. You will not have to say the cue multiple times. You will not have to yell. You will not have to worry about your dog not listening.

Basic training lays the foundations of a well-trained dog, and house manners are very much a part of good dog behavior in today’s world. Learn more about our manners and obedience training here.

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