Why Choose Sit Stay and Beyond?

We know making a commitment to a dog training program can be a personal, expensive and time consuming process. We want to make sure that we are the right fit for you, just as much as our training is the right fit for your dog.

Your Own Personal Trainer

36817109_10216958644146636_7344359080766472192_nSit Stay and Beyond offers private training so you can get one-on-one attention at each appointment. Training your dog is just as much about the owner learning as the dog learning, so it’s important to work with a trainer that you enjoy working with. The training process is personal for you and your dog, and Jenny will work with you through each step of training so you can both succeed.

“We have worked with other trainers before and did not receive the one on one attention we got from Jenny. She did a great job of working with us where we were at, giving me easy to follow instructions to work on before our next meeting, and being understanding when life go tin the way. We appreciate her so much!” – Devin B.

Ask Questions, Anytime

You’ll also have access to our trainer before, between and after lessons for any questions or concerns, so training doesn’t get sidetracked or stalled between lessons. You’ll get written protocol and personalized homework sheets so you have all the information you need to train between lessons. And if you need more clarification, your trainer is just one phone call or email away.


Even after your training program ends, you won’t ever have to worry that you’ll lose contact with your trainer because we offer free lifetime support. We know that as dogs grow through life, they may display new behaviors and personality traits. Whenever this happens, you can check in with the same trainer who helped you meet your original training goals any time.

“Jenny has an incredible fund of knowledge with regards to dog psychology and behavior and she always took the time to explain why my dog was acting a certain way and what I could do as his owner to prevent/mitigate his reactions. Working with Jenny really helped me understand my dog better and I know the training sessions he had will help him long term.” – Sue C.

Convenient Location and Scheduling

36763029_10216958650226788_5334140787955335168_nWe offer lessons in your home. Jenny will travel to you, on your schedule, for each lesson. In-home lessons provide a safe, comfortable space for dogs to learn and thrive, while giving you more time to focus on what matters. We offer weekend and evening lessons for busy families, and offer flexible week to week scheduling.

“Jenny was amazing! She made training fun and realistic to everyone’s schedule. She was flexible and willing to do what we needed to ensure my pup for the best training session possible to improve her behavior. I would definitely suggest her as a trainer!” – Sara R.

Work with Your Dog’s Team

IMG_20190129_122328We know we’re not the only ones in your dog’s team and that training is just one part of your dog’s physical and emotional health. At Sit Stay and Beyond, we are always happy to work with the other members of your team–vet clinics, pet sitters, dog walkers, family members. We want your dog to thrive and will always communicate and collaborate with your dog’s caregivers to give your dog the best life.


Have questions? Want to get started?

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