Obedience Training


You love your dog, but sometimes he just drives you crazy!

He pulls nonstop on walks, goes crazy when the doorbell rings, bolts out the door, and runs even faster when you call.

His unending energy, inability to calm down, or listen to you is wearing you down!

Our training programs are designed for dog exactly like this. We train young, energetic pups to focus and learn, while helping older dogs finally learn to listen and break problematic habits. 

Just One Thing Mini Program

ca068cd69b25451ac29ddd9432212e981.jpgIs your dog perfect, except for one little thing? This mini program is perfect for families whose pups have just one training problem they’d like to address. Whether it be it’s leash walking, jumping on guests or potty training, our trainer can set you up for success in this short two week mini program.

2 private lessons (90 minutes) money 200

Good Dog Program

img_0570.jpgGet hands-on help for the problematic behaviors that make life with your dog unmanageable. Whether it’s leash walking, counter surfing, wildly greeting guests or selective hearing when it comes to basic commands, we’ll build a solid foundation of obedience for any dog. This program is our standard obedience program for adolescent and adult dogs.

6 private lessons (60 minutes) money 480

Ready to Get Started?

Contact Us to Start Training

When you’re ready to start training, contact us and we’ll set you up for a phone or in-home consultation. You can talk to a professional trainer about your dog’s behavior, your training goals and learn what you can expect from training!

Not ready to sign up for a program? Schedule a free, half hour phone consultation!

We were the proud owners of a new puppy. We have had several dogs, but not a puppy in more than 30 years. Jenny quickly stepped in and helped us with the total puppy transition. She is really able to tailor the training to each owner and dog situation. Jenny listened to our concerns, explained … Continue reading Pat and Frank C

Pat and Frank C

She’s knowledgeable, patient, kind and we love working with her! I love her approach and commitment to both the families and the dog!


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