Online Coaching for Behavior Modification

Are you overwhelmed with your dog’s behavior? Are you uncertain what or how to train and feeling lost and defeated? Are in-home training programs far too expensive?

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to help your dog and find relief for your family. Our online coaching is convenient, affordable and catered for your family’s unique needs. Let our trainer guide you, step by step, toward changing your dog’s behavior and get the one on one help you need.


What is Online Coaching?

Online coaching is a strictly online behavioral modification training. It has many of the benefits of our in-person training programs. It includes a full behavioral assessment, a custom designed program for your dog and your goals, weekly homework assignments, and one on one help for your questions and concerns.


Eligible cases:

  • Reactivity toward people or dogs due to fear or anxiety
  • Aggression regarding grooming or vet care
  • Resource guarding

(Generally) Not Eligible Cases:

  • Severe aggression (history of multiple severe bite wounds)
  • Severe separation anxiety
  • Aggression toward children

So, What Does it Look Like?

Once you are enrolled, our trainer will invite you to a private Facebook group. (This group will be a completely private forum–only you and your trainer will ever have access.) You’ll also have lifetime access to it’s contents, even after your coaching ends, so you can always review old exercises or reread advice.


  • Extremely flexible
  • Same important features as in-person training
  • Cheaper than in-person programs


  • Online only
  • Need to film practice sessions
  • Not available for all conditions

Each week, Jenny will dedicate 1-3 hours to your case, depending on your subscription level. She will give you an assignment, based on your training goals. In addition to step by step instructions, she’ll also post relevant handouts, instructional videos and demonstrations to help you train.

During the week, you’ll post questions, videos of your practices, updates and concerns to the group. You can post whenever–no need to wait until the next lesson or when your trainer is online. Each post will be addressed the next time Jenny is working on your case.

If you need to have a conversation with her, you can also schedule an appointment where you can both be online at the same time.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is the perfect medium for both text and video submissions, and keeps a great archive of all previous interactions. It’s easy to upload photos and videos right to the group, and easy to access on all devices.

If you don’t like or use Facebook, online coaching is available on other mediums. However, Facebook is preferred.


All Coaching Includes:

  • Full behavioral assessment
  • Customized training plan
  • Lifetime access to training material
  • Step-by-step training instructions

3 months & 12 hours of trainer’s time money 240

3 months & 18 hours of trainer’s time money 350


Ready to Get Started?

When you’re ready to start training, contact us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your case.

Jenny has been working with us and our dog, Bravo, for several months now and I recommend her highly. She is SMART about dogs. Her training methods are very well reasoned and logical. I love that her approach comes from understanding what dogs respond to and is never punitive. Bravo is learning quickly and we … Continue reading Nancee C

Nancee C

Jenny was amazing! My dog didn’t have any serious problems but she was able to make life just that much easier and better for both me and my dog. She listened to everything I had to say and made sure we were always on the same page, as far as training. She made it fun … Continue reading Sara R

Sara R

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