Our Trainer

Jenny Ryoo

Jenny is a certified dog trainer in St. Louis, MO. She currently lives with her rescue mix, Sam, and her cat, Bo.

Jenny originally came to St. Louis to study psychology at Washington University. Her studies revolved around behavioral learning and emotion psychology, and included four years of research in different labs. After graduating, Jenny worked as a research technician in a biomedical lab before making a career switch to dog training.

“My specialty is working with young, energetic dogs with an emphasis in learning focus and impulse control. If your dog seems constantly bored, counter surfs, doesn’t listen on the leash, and generally drives you up the wall, that’s the dog for me!”

Jenny is now a private trainer dedicated to providing practical and effective training solutions for every family, for both behavioral and obedience problems. She emphasizes positive, reward-based training that builds on dog’s natural motivations and skills so that training is fun and effective for everyone involved.


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Education and Credentials

  • BA Psychology 2012 – Washington University in St. Louis, bachelor of arts in Psychological and Brain Science
  • CPDT-KA – certified profession dog trainer, knowledge assessed with Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers