Puppy Training

Do you have a new puppy you want to get started off on the right foot with manners and obedience?

Need some help with crate training, potty training or puppy biting? Or is your puppy a little shy and hard to socialize?

We know puppies can be hard to deal with, but we’re here to help! Our puppy programs teach your dog to listen and focus from an early age, how to behave in a home, and how to grow up to be a well-adjusted adult.

Puppy Prep Consultation

download-2.jpgAre you getting ready to bring home a puppy? This unique consultation is designed for puppy parents who want to set their new dog on the right path, from the minute they arrive in their new home. Get professional guidance on crate training to avoid midnight whining and barking, potty training to minimize indoor messes and socialization basics to help your puppy grow into a confident adult.

1 private lesson / 2 hours money 115

Happy Puppy Program

36763029_10216958650226788_5334140787955335168_nStart basic obedience and manners early in your puppy with our Happy Puppy program. Problem solve common puppy issues like potty training, crate training and socializing, and tackle leash skills, obedience and manners early so small puppy problems don’t get any bigger.

5 private lessons / 60 minutes money 350

Puppy to Adult Program

36817109_10216958644146636_7344359080766472192_nIn our advanced puppy program, we’ll cover common puppy topics like potty training,mouthing and jumping, as well as lay foundation obedience skills that will help your puppy learn how to be polite in the kitchen, around guests and on a leash. You’ll also learn how to navigate public places like parks and pet stores during field trips!

After you finish lessons, you’ll also get a customized month by month training guide with goals, exercises and accountability check-in’s, so you can continue making great progress.

8 private lessons (with field trips) / 60 minutes money 560

Ready to Get Started?



Contact Us to Start Training

When you’re ready to start training, contact us and we’ll set you up for a phone or in-home consultation. You can talk to a professional trainer about your dog’s behavior, your training goals and learn what you can expect from training!

Not ready to sign up for a program? Schedule a free, half hour phone consultation!

I have a very anxious little chihuahua-dachshund who can be quite difficult (though very cute!). He loves Jenny and I trust her with him because she is patient and well informed about behavioral issues. We had bad experience with training in the past because the trainer used a dominance model which made my dog much … Continue reading Sloane W

Sloane W

I would highly recommend Jenny as a dog trainer. I adopted my 3 year old dog from a shelter in March and he was very reactive. Jenny was able to work with him and improve his reactivity through her training sessions. She has an incredible fund of knowledge with regards to dog psychology and behavior … Continue reading Sue C

Sue C

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