Recommended Training Equipment

The following items are our recommended training equipment and materials. We know there are a lot of products out there, and we know it can be confusing choosing the “best” one. These are our tried and true products that we recommend to our clients.

The links provided are for They are affiliate links, and a portion of the proceeds are donated to a STL rescue!

Tools for Treats

tubes.jpgSqueeze tubes for easy dispensing. Perfect for peanut butter, applesauce, canned food. We recommend squeeze tubes for hard to dispense food (like peanut butter) or for dogs with shark bites, which makes it difficult to hand feed treats.

Price: $6.59 / Get it on Amazon

treat pouch

Treat pouch for easy storing of treats while training. We recommend the Doggone Good brand because it comes with multiple pockets for your phone, poop bags, and your clicker, and a magnetic open/close feature.

Price: $19.95 / Get it on Amazon / Or purchase from Jenny

liver.jpgHigh value, freeze-dried liver treats. These should be used as “high” value treats, but are easier to carry, store and dispense than most high value treats like hotdogs or cheese.

Price: $11.08 / Get it on Amazon

capture.pngHigh value, wet food treats. These should be used as “high” value treats. You can directly substitute this for kibble, as it is a complete food. You do have to cut and store yourself, though.

Price: $8.79 / Get it on Amazon / Or purchase from Jenny

Behavioral Therapy Tools

muzzleThe Baskerville Basket Muzzle, great for muzzle training because it allows dogs to sniff, take treats, pant and drink water without compromising safety. Please use the sizing guide on the website to make sure you buy the correct size for your dog. The cup can also be molded using heat to fit specific muzzle shapes.

Price: $20.59 / Get it on Amazon / Or purchase from Jenny

stop.jpgSpray Shield, Direct Stop or Halt! are must haves for safety in loose dog neighborhoods and parks. It also helps deter people from letting their loose dog approach your reactive dog.

Price: $9.95 / Get it on Amazon

proviable.jpgProviable-DC is our recommended probiotic. We recommend this for all our clients with anxious or reacticve dogs.

Price: $17.99 / Get it on Amazon

dap.jpgAdaptil is the main brain of DAP collars (dog appeasing pheromone).  Please consult with your vet about using a DAP collar on your dog.

Price: $17.01 / Get it on Amazon


kong.jpgKongs are the classic enrichment tool and every household should have at least one. Find our guide on how to stuff your Kong to last here.

Price: $7.59 / Get it on Amazon

toppl.jpgThe Toppl is great design, part puzzle toy and part slow feeder, that can be used for every meal or for an enrichment activity. This is primary recommend for dogs on wet or raw food.

Price: $20.95 / Get it on Amazon

wobble.jpgKong Wobblers are another classic enrichment toy. This is recommend for daily feeding with kibble.

Price: $9.69 / Get it on Amazon

wooly.jpgThe Wooly Snuffle Mat is another great enrichment tool. It can help build confidence in anxious or reactive dogs and relax their brain. It is also a great slow feeder for regular meals. Read more about it here.

Price: $39.95 / Get it on Amazon / Ask Jenny for an cheaper alternative

51prgjbxgpl-_sx385_bo1204203200_.jpgA book filled with great ideas for tricks and training. Find something fun to teach your dog.

Price: $10.71 / Get it on Amazon

Leashes and Harnesses

freedomThe Freedom Harness, with it’s double ended leash, is our only recommendation for harnesses for dogs that pull. It features velvet straps for better comfort, a martingale style belt to ensure safety, and a front clip to help you manage your dog.

Price: $37.97 / Get it on Amazon / Or purchase from Jenny

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