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Tutorial Videos

Formulation Guide

This step by step formulation guide takes you through each step of the process of formulation using the RFN standard spreadsheet.

Creating Estimations of Whole Prey & Raw Meaty Bones

This video covers the basics of creating an estimated nutrition profile of an ingredient by using limited or partial nutrient analysis available from research studies or commercially provided information. It also covers how to estimate the nutrient analysis for a raw meaty bone similar to a known raw meaty bone profile. This purchase also includes a spreadsheet for creating an estimated nutrient profile for AAFCO compliant foods, based on the guaranteed analysis (can be entered directly into the RFN spreadsheet food database).

Spreadsheet Consultation

Get one on one help with Jenny with a video call using screen share. Topics can include:

  • Reviewing your recipe
  • Reviewing the functionality of the spreadsheet, standard or pack
  • Creating a recipe from scratch

$25 per hour – 1 hour minimum

About Jenny

Jenny is the creator of the RFN Formulation Spreadsheet, and a passionate student of canine and feline nutrition. She started raw feeding in 2016 with her first cat and now uses NRC balanced diets for 3 different species (dogs, cats and fancy mice) at home.

Jenny is still a nutrition student and is currently only formulating proactively for healthy adult dogs. For all other health conditions and ages, please see recommendations for professionals here.

Nutrition Specific Education

  • The Possible Canine – Basic of Canine Nutrition Certificate Course (2019)
  • CASI – Canine Nutrition Certificate Course (ongoing)